Recruitment Methodology

We, at SMG InfoTech consultancy services, employ a systematic and detailed process of recruitment, which comprises various stages. We believe in selecting the best of the best in order to meet our clients’ expectations.

  • We first understand the client’s need with regard to its present business, culture, environment, organizational structure and future growth plans.
  • We then map all requirement-specific competencies, such as designation, principal accountabilities, KRAs, experience, qualification, reporting structure, compensation, preferred target companies and industries.
  • Search Target plan – Aligning with the orientation, our operation team will devise a search strategy to effectively target the desired candidates.
  • Industry/Organization: We will then come up with a target list of suitable industries and organizations from where; the right candidates can be sourced.
  • Candidate mapping: Once the list of target industries or organizations is agreed upon, we will use our sources and networks, along with our database, to prepare an initial candidate list.
  • First Shortlist: After mapping the people, we will draw up a primary list of target candidates. We will then find out the most-promising candidates, whom we intend to approach.
  • Evaluation: Once the first shortlist is cleared by the client, we will contact the candidates, apprise them of the opportunity and check their interest in the position. We will then evaluate them in order to determine a profile match.
  • Evaluation Parameters & proces: We generally analyze the suitability of the candidates with respect to the job profile. This is based on various skills as –
    • Technical
    • Financial
    • Cultural fitment
    • Organizational value system
    • Mapping of candidates in accordance with job roles and responsibilities Soft Skills as necessary for the job and the organization
    • All needs & specification by clients
  • Interviews: We will then send the detailed resumes and evaluation summaries of the short-listed candidates to the client and facilitate the interview process. The parameter of the evaluation sheet would be as per the job specifications.
  • Reference Check: We will also conduct a thorough reference check on the candidate the client wishes to hire. The list of references will be shared with the client in advance.
  • Post joining follow-up for at least 3 months in order to make sure a smooth transition.