SEO Services

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an offshoot of the ever-rising popularity of search engines around the globe. It incorporates all techniques aimed at bettering the quantity as well as the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. To achieve this primary objective, search engine optimizers/consultants need to understand thoroughly, the complex mathematics that goes behind the design of the search engines, as well as the basic psychology of internet users according to geographical, age-based, gender-based divisions.
To optimize a website for search engines, consultants make suitable changes in the content (foreground) as well as the code (background) of a website so that it develops a sort of affinity to the popular keywords of that time, and also remove obstacles that prevent it from performing better at the indexing process of a search engine.

Why SEO?
Your website on the internet is the equivalent of your place of business or your telephone number. Imagine what it would be like if no one knew where you work or how to contact you. Invariably, your business would lose out on a large number of customers despite providing better product/service. The same thing applies to your website. If your website does not feature prominently in the search results, incoming traffic will slowly come to a standstill and later, people won’t even know you are there.
And this is precisely where SEO comes into the picture.
Search Engine Optimization makes your website “search engine friendly”. Right from the grassroots i.e. design and development, SEO makes sure that your website immediately attracts the attention of an internet user, when he/she searches for relevant information.

What is ethical SEO/white hat SEO?
White Hat SEO or ethical SEO implies that a website is conceptualized and created with human users as the target audience, and not search engines. At no point is any attempt made to trick the algorithms or to deliver content to the user that is different from the content that is indexed by a search engine’s spider. Such malicious practices amount to spamdexing or Black Hat SEO. At SMG InfoTech consultancy services, we hold your ethics, values and ideals in the highest regard. Keeping that in mind, we provide services for ethical/white hat SEO only.